Lahori Wagyu Sliders, Butter Chicken Bao Buns: The New Menu at Zouk

With their indoor space now open again, it's the perfect time to head on down to Zouk...

By Manchester's Finest | 25 May 2021

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Even though their terrace is actually rather stunning, and a superb place to sit down and enjoy some Indian delights, we’re absolutely ecstatic that Zouk is back open for dining indoors. And best of all – they’ve got a spate of new dishes for us to try!

Zouk’s reputation for truly excellent curries is unparalleled, and with these new dishes they’ve diversified their offering considerably, with unique creations inspired and influenced by cuisines from around the world – but always with that signature Zouk touch.

One of their most famous and popular curries on Zouk’s menu is the Butter Chicken, and they’ve re-invented it by creating a Butter Chicken Bao Bun, a genius Indian twist on this popular Taiwanese street food.

Taking in influences from Mexico, they’ve also created some banging Prawn & Pomegranate Tacos – topped with succulent fried prawns, chilli mayo, Mexican salsa, shredded salad and a fresh pomegranate dressing.

Another exciting new addition is the Lahori Wagyu Sliders – premium halal Wagyu beef patties topped with cheese and spicy chutney and served on a brioche bun.

Bringing a dish that was popular in the 80s, Chicken 65 is another new addition – little bite-sized chicken pieces that are coated in Zouk’s very own ginger, garlic and chilli-infused batter.

There’s also the superb Pulled Lamb Nihari Calzone – a re-invention of their signature slow-cooked Lamb Nihari curry, shredded and then stuffed into a freshly baked naan bread.

One of the most visually striking new dishes is the Dum Pukht – a tender spring lamb curry that’s slowly cooked in a dough-sealed pot. It’s then served to you at your table with a flaming lemon glaze. Be careful with that one!

Another extravagant main course addition is the Lamb Shank Biriyani – tender lamb shank that just falls off the bone, served desi style with rice and a naan bread ‘crust’ on top.


There’s loads there that you can be cracking on with – and bookings are open right now…

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