Lockdown Delivery Review: DIY Pizza Kit from Pizza Pilgrims

A nationwide delivery service opens these pizzas up to everyone.

By Manchester's Finest | 14 May 2020

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You would be excused for not having ever heard of Pizza Pilgrims – I certainly hadn’t before I tried this – mostly because all of their restaurants are down south.

Set up by two brothers with two credit cards and a van, Pizza Pilgrims has managed to garner itself a pretty decent reputation throughout London – a place to go for great value, authentic Neapolitan pizza where the dough is king.

Since lockdown they’ve been offering a pizza delivery service, one which encompasses the whole of the country – so even if you’re out in the sticks or have been annoyed that the city centre gets all of the good stuff – this is perfect for you.

So, I ordered the DIY Pizza Delivery Kit (£15) and they tell you when it wil arrive. Leading up to it I received an email telling me the exact date and time it would turn up, and low and behold, the package turned up exactly when it was supposed to.

Once signed for I took the bag to the kitchen and ripped it open with glee. Wrapped in a thick length of insulation, the kit comes in a pizza box (which is white so you can draw on it) and there’s enough ingredients in there to make two margarita pizzas.

It’s really rather simple to do, but they do supply you with instructions too – just in case you’re an absolute idiot in the kitchen. All you need is a frying pan and a grill and you’ll be smashing out some great pizzas in no time.

First of all, throw some flour down and stretch out the dough so that it fits perfectly into your pan. Pop the pan on the heat and while the bottom is cooking you then add your ingredients.

There’s the Pizza Pilgrims signature tomato sauce (which if I’m being honest I could just eat straight out of the tub), mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil and Parmesan for sprinkling. If you want to add anything else to it – feel free. I wanted to go for the authentic Neapolitan experience so I just kept it simple.

Once your ingredients are on the bottom of the pizza should be done, so shove the pan under the grill to finish off the top. Under the heat the dough should rise, the cheese should melt and you should be left with a super-tasty pizza.

And I must say – they are excellent. The dough is especially good; rising and crisping up perfectly while still remaining fluffy inside. Paired with the tomato sauce – this is a pizza certainly up there in the ‘best of’ stakes – made even better with the fact that I made it myself (sort of).

So with nationwide delivery, this is perfect if you’ve been out of the catchment area for many of the businesses in the area, or indeed you want to send a little pressie to someone somewhere.


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