"It looks like Pigs in Blankets are back on the menu boys!" (and girls, of course)

Lord of the Rings quotes aside - this is some serious news. So I'm here to spread the word.

By Ben Brown | 22 November 2019

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There’s very little that can be said about Pigs in Blankets that hasn’t already been said before. We all know how good they are and we all know that they’re the only reason 86% of the world’s population enjoy Christmas at all.

As the festive period creeps closer, they’ve started to make an appearance in our lives again; hitting the supermarket shelves, turning up on menus across the country and even starring in their own cartoon over on Fox Kids.

This is of course all good news. But even better news is that everyone’s favourite local boozer – The Bay Horse Tavern – are now serving up Pigs in Blankets as a side order throughout the festive period – so you can tuck into the classic bacon-sausage combo whenever you like.

My tip? Buy their brilliant Chicken, Bacon & Lettuce Sandwich (£9) and then get some Thrice Cooked Chips (£3) and Pigs in Blankets (£5) and shove everything in-between the bread for Manchester’s Ultimate Sandwich.

Thank me later. Or when you see me in there with sausage grease all over my face.

Pigs in Blankets at The Bay Horse Tavern

Date: Available NOW (until Christmas)
Cost: 5 British Pounds

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The Bay Horse Tavern, 35-37 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 669 5799