Making Pasta Salsiccia and Fresh Tagliatelle LIVE with Salvi's

Sienna and Maurizio are back with an alternative to the traditional Neapolitan Ragu.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated April 6th '20

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Pasta Salsiccia is one of Maurizio's mum Teresa's favourite dishes and is one of the most popular on the menu at Salvi's - so Sienna and Maurizio thought why not let you guys know how to make it for yourself! The sausages that Sienna and Maurizio will be using are also available to buy in their deli. This time they're also going to show you how to make the tagliatelle fresh (don't worry you can serve with any pasta though).


2 Italian sausages (we use fennel sausages but any will do!) Olive oil Salt and pepper Half an onion 1 tin of tomatoes 3 tablespoons of Parmesan Fresh Tagliatelle: 100g 00 flour 1 egg Manchester’s Finest LIVE presents… Making Pasta Salsiccia with Fresh Tagliatelle Live-streamed on Manchester’s Finest Facebook account Date: Thursday 9th April 2020 Time: 12pm Get notified when we go live