Making Proper Pasta Carbonara LIVE with Salvi's

Maurizio and his daughter Sienna are going to cook this much loved Italian dish for us and show us how to do it properly.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated March 31st '20

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Pasta Carbonara originated in Rome, and people often assume that this dish should be made with cream, however this isn't the authentic way to cook it. The only ingredients should be guanciale or pancetta (bacon is fine), egg yolk, garlic, parmesan cheese and black pepper. The sauce is very quick to prepare, making this a simple dish for everyone to make. Maurizio and Sienna will be cooking the dish live on our Facebook page this Thursday at 12pm and you'll be able to cook along with them, you'll just need the following ingredients... 200g pasta 150g pancetta or bacon Salt Pepper Olive Oil 2 eggs Parmesan If you fancy making Tagliatelle fresh you'll need... 200g flour 2 eggs Manchester’s Finest LIVE presents… Making Proper Pasta Carbonara with Salvi's Live-streamed on Manchester’s Finest Facebook account Date: Thursday 2nd April Time: 12pm Get notified when we go live