Manchester’s Best Lockdown Street Food Deliveries & Takeaways

Including doughnuts, burgers, dumplings, poutine, tacos and LOADS more...

By Manchester's Finest | November 23rd '20

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Blue Caribou A better duo than Ant and Dec, get all your cheese and gravy needs from Blue Caribou over on Deliveroo. They’ve got plenty of flavour combos too whether you want to go classic or get one with pastrami or one that features kimchi and Japanese mayo. If you fancied having a go at making it yourself, they’ve even get Poutine Kits you can get involved with. Order Now   Gooey Donuts You really don’t have to miss out on Gooey cookies in Lockdown. Now you can even get delicious cookies with Clotted Cream Ice Cream for the ultimate Netflix night in. Order Now   Mia's Arepas Venezuelan street food at it's absolute finest here as Mia creates 'arepas', little discs of dough that are lightly fried, sliced open and then stuffed with a plethora of meats, veggies and sauces. King of the arepas must surely be the seasoned shredded beef, topped with beans, avocado, cheese and probably the best hot sauce you'll ever try. You should get yourself some empanadas too - they're basically South American pasties and they're great. Order Online   The Ottö-Men Creators of a vast array of Mediterranean treats, The Ottö-Men have launched an online shop during lockdown. Straight from their kitchen in Bredbury, they're delivering to all M, SK and OL postcodes, as well as WA14 and WA15. No matter what you decide to order you just HAVE TO have some of their Cheese Fondue Paratha, oh and the Otto Frickles, actually - it's going to be quite hard deciding what NOT to order. Online Shop   GRUB-E-MART Grabbing street food by the gonads and dragging it into the 21st Century, GRUB were seemingly backed into a corner when we went on lockdown so they came up with this - GRUB-E-MART - an online marketplace where you can get their excellent street food friends to deliver straight to your door. Each week there's a new roster of vendors, and all you need to do is log on, tell 'em what you want and they'll then deliver your food during one of their allocated slots. Easy and clever. Order Online  


Pancho's Burrito There is officially NO better burrito in the whole of the Manchester than what you get at Pancho's in the Arndale Market. I'm willing to fight anyone out there who disagrees with me - not that they would - because nobody can really say that they're not with a straight face. Luckily for us all, they've roped in some poor sod with a scooter to deliver them within 3 miles of the Arndale during lockdown - so if you're craving the best - you can satisfy yourself without leaving your gaff. Order Online   Escape to Freight Island With the closure of Freight Island, literally hours after they opened their brand-new Ticket Hall extension, they've retreated onto Deliveroo, offering their selection of street food vendors the chance to deliver to us hungry Mancs. There's burgers from Patty Queen, New York pizzas from Voodoo Rays, vegan delights from Plant Grill, tacos from Madre and even wines and cheese from Forever Changes. Order Online   Image may contain: food Wholesome Junkies All plant-based delicious, wholesome junk food that has arguably got your name on it. They’ve created a special feast for one or two people, including The Date Night box which features two burgers, two sides, two dips, one dessert AND either two soft drinks or two cans of Manchester Union Lager. Order Now   Grandad's Sausages Alongside delivering big boxes full of delicious sausages to the people of Manchester, the lads at Grandad's Sausages have also come up with a couple of DIY Kits, so you can replicate their street food fare in your own gaff. There's their classic Hot Dog kit where you can make 2 of their massive dogs just like you'd find at their stall in Hatch. The other is a Breakfast Burger, a massive tower of a thing that'll certainly perk up your morning. Order Online   Yao Yao Noodles If you're a fan of ramen then you'll bloody LOVE Yao Yao. They've made an appearance at the GRUB-E-MART recently and they've also been selling some mightily impressive DIY Kits - so you can get proper restaurant-quality ramen in your very own home. So throw that manky Pot Noodle away - this is the proper stuff. Order Online   South Manny Flavas The Arndale Market favourites are offering up a welcome Call n Collect service during this lockdown, perfect for filling any fried chicken holes you may have. Many people would agree that this is some of the best fried chicken in the city, and with a whole host of added extras and sides on top - you can't go wrong really. CALL N COLLECT - 07393 734 473   Just Natas The best pastry-based bite-size treat money can buy is now available for delivery right to your door. Using the little blue boxes on the back of a bike, Just Natas will bring you one, three, six or even 16 natas to your door. You can get them delivered via Deliveroo until 5pm! To get FREE delivery on Deliveroo you’ll need to order six natas at £10. Buy Now   What’s Your Beef? Very possibly the best burgers in Manchester right now, if they're not number one they're certainly up there at the top of the league, vying for a position with some much more established burger champions. Being unable to actually serve people due to COVID hasn't stopped What's Your Beef? from offering up their brilliant burgers though - with a range of DIY kits available on their online shop. Order Online   Eat and Sweet The real Jamaican food joint is now delivering to your door. They’ve got all the best things including Jamaican patties and fried dumplings (for just £1!). There’s even Caribbean Rum Cake which we all know you’re going to add to your order. Check Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats. Order Now   Oh Mei Dumpling Winner of umpteen awards, most recently best Street Food Trader at the 2020 Manchester Food and Drink Awards, Oh Mei Dumplings are truly outstanding and, luckily enough for us all, they're still available this lockdown. Head on over to the online store and you can buy fresh, frozen dumpling that you just need to cook at home. These little beauties are mega - so you'll have to be quick - they sell out pretty fast. Order Online   Hanoi 75 The Vietnamese restaurant normally served from a double-decker bus down at Hatch is now available at home but I’m pretty sure it won’t come via a giant blue bus. There’s a whole range of  Vietnamese street food dishes – including Bao Buns, Loaded Fries and some truly exceptional noodle dishes. Order Now   Dim Sum Su Setting up shop in Stretford Food Hall, you can sample some of Dim Sum Su's excellent Asian-fusion dishes any time you like during this lockdown period. Okay, so it's not ANY time, but just pop down and collect yourself some pretty special dishes, including some wonderful Salt & Pepper delights and their outstanding Bao Buns. The Crispy Beef one is my favourite - and it'll likely be yours too. Keep Up To Date   Herbivorous  More vegan food but this time coming from Stretfood Foodhall from the folk behind Herbivorous. 100% vegan, innovative and unique dishes including ‘fish’ finger butties, ‘wings’, Hoisin ‘Duck’ and plenty more where that came from. Order Now