Manchester's 'Cheese Man' is BACK and he's bringing his cheese TO YOU!

The man who supplies Michelin-starred Mana with their cheese is delivering...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated May 5th '20

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If you didn't already know that Manchester has a Cheese Man - where have you been!? Jonathan Pearcey's personal mission in life is to uncover, produce and distribute the best cheeses that the North West has to offer, and he's doing a bloody good job of it too. Traditionally, he offers up speciality and artisan cheeses to the city centres top restaurants (including Michelin-starred Mana), however, with us being on lockdown, he's turned his hand at delivering his outstanding goods straight to your door. What a man. His aim is to provide the highest quality British and local cheeses to people's doors, meaning we can all have a proper treat even during the lockdown chaos. The cheeses are hand-picked by him and you're certainly not going to find any of these beauties in the shops. So what's he got? Well, there's a rather impressive Cheese List with a wide variety of beauties to try. Here are just some of the highlights but you can check out his full list below... Crofton Soft Cheese (£1.75 per 100g) "A very rare blend of 2 milks creating a special cheese that changes with the seasons. Light and citric but also slightly rich and creamy it has a farmy finish."   Blue Whinnow (£2.10 per 100g) "A kick-ass rinded blue cheese this is made to a Stilton recipe but in Cumbria and is rich, earthy and pack a hell of a punch!"   Auld Reekie (£2.50 per 100g) "This two-day curd cheese is smoked over whisky barrel shavings and named after Scotland’s capital. A mild, fresh and creamy textured cheese with a subtle smoky back taste. Slightly different but very special."   Chebyn Blue (£1.65 per 100g) "This blue is made in Chipping Lancashire and is one that I have had some input in. Along with the team at the dairy we have created a a special blue cheese that is exclusive to me that is similar to a Gorgonzola with that creamy richness and almost sweet nutty flavour."   Mrs Kirkham's (£1.40 per 100g) "A fantastic traditional Lancashire, this is hand picked by me so will be a flavour profile that isn't available elsewhere. Just delicious." ..................... Delivery days in to Manchester are Tuesday and Saturday. Deliveries are free but outside the city centre there is a minimum spend of £15-£20 depending on area. See ALL the Cheese

The Cheese Man's Cheese Hotline 07722 962 694

Orders can also be made over Facebook, Instagram or Email. Enjoy!