Manchester's Hidden Gin Bar...

Located inside Randall & Aubin, Gin Bar 64 are serving up high-class gins and artisan cocktails

By Ciara Martin | 7 February 2020

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With around 40 different gins available, and a fully dedicated gin cocktail menu – Gin Bar 64 looks set to be the next stop for any fans of Mother’s Ruin.

To be fair, pretty much everyone you ever meet will be a fan of gin, which is why Randall & Aubin have transformed a section of their bar into ‘Gin Bar 64‘ a dedicated spot for all-things gin related – whether it’s with tonic or something a little bit more adventurous.

They stock a wide-range of small batch gins from all over the world, with a big emphasis on local options like 4 Sisters, Thomas Dakin and of course – Manchester Gin.

You’ll also find an impressive range of the increasingly popular ‘flavoured’ gins including such eclectic combinations as Chamomile & Cornflower, Geranium & Mallow and Lavender & Echinacea – all flavours that you should get ticked off your list as soon as possible.

The talented bar staff also create an extensive and impressive range of creative cocktails, complete with flames, smoke, Ferris wheels and everything in between.

If you’ve ever dreamed of drinking out the FA cup – this month’s special is the Winter Negroni Sharer (Reverent Hubert gin liqueur, gin, Campari & antica formula) which is served straight out of a bucket-sized silver trophy – very fancy.

Of course, all of this alcohol would be perfect alongside some of the brilliant Bar Food that’s on offer at Randall & Aubin, including their deliciously fresh oysters and even caviar (if you’re feeling especially flush).

The R&A Oysters are excellent. They’ve got English Rocks, Irish Rocks, French Rocks and their weekly specials available (this week it’s the Native’s -which take longer to grow and are only available when there’s a letter R in the month!).


Randall & Aubin, 64 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BN
0161 711 1007