Manchester's Poshest Kebabs are BACK!

Yep, BAB returns and my word - we've missed them...

By Ben Brown | 11 May 2021

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Sadly, the whole COVID-19 pandemic claimed a fair few fantastic venues in the city – but we’re pleased to announce that one such place is now BACK and ready to start serving up from this Monday 17th May.

It’s BAB we’re talking about – which is pretty obvious considering you’ve already read the title. A firm favourite in the Finest office – this Northern Quarter bar and restaurant has always been a fantastic addition to the city’s food scene and we can’t wait to get back in there and tuck in.

If you’ve never been before, then the first thing you should be asking yourself is – why!? Their ‘posh’ gourmet kebabs are truly outstanding, and their menu changes every couple of months to always ensure that you’ve got something new to try.

Grilled Harissa Octopus Kebab

In the past they’ve served up such delights as the Grilled Harissa Octopus Kebab; probably one of the weirdest but also most delicious kebabs you’ll ever try – with marinated hot coal-charred octopus paired with preserved lemon aioli, grilled baby gem lettuce, and pickled samphire.

Another firm favourite was their outstanding Venison Poutine Kebab, a naughty delight that saw BAB’s famous grilled flatbread generously topped with perfectly seared venison slices, venison gravy and a sprinkling of pickled onions, all covered in a cracking cheese fondue sauce!

Venison Poutine Kebab

Mixed BAB

They’ll be re-opening on Monday 17th May with a menu that brings back some of their most loved classics, including the Flat Iron Steak Kebab (£13), their Monkfish Tail Kebab (£13) and their excellent veggie Chip Shop Halloumi Kebab (£10).

Also on the menu is a return of their massive Mixed BAB (£14.50) – a combination of their Lamb Adana and Allepo Chicken babs topped with cheesy chips, sumac onions and smothered in BAB’s signature ‘special sauce’.

It’s not just kebabs at BAB though – they also offer a delectable range of MEZE dishes, including an indulgent Grilled Feta Skillet (£6.50), Honey Glazed Pork Belly Skewers (£6.50) and some brilliant Chicken Wings – coated in a choice of their homemade hot sauces (which are also perfect when paired with a kebab or two).

Grilled Feta Skillet

Greek Fries

I’m getting hungry and excited just thinking about being able to tuck into all of this food again, and inside no less – none of this rain and wind rubbish that we’ve had to put up with over the past 4 weeks.

BAB – we’re VERY happy you’re back and I cannot wait to get my hands on that Flat Iron Steak BAB and some Greek Fries.



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