Manchester’s Top 5 Tacos

I've been on a bit of a taco frenzy recently - eating as many as possible in as many places as possible.

To be fair though it’s not been too much of a difficult task – they’re not available in too many places in the city so there’s not loads to choose from.

Fans of the classic crispy taco are in for a bit of a disappointing time though I’m afraid. Unless you want to go to Taco Bell – you’re shit out of luck. Perhaps just get a couple of Old El Paso kits, a bottle of Tequila and do it all at home?!

Garlic King Prawn Tacos

For fans of anything that comes smothered in melted cheese – Brewski have you covered. They’re pretty much the best place in the city (and Chorlton) to find some proper naughty treats – usually involving meat, sauce, cheese and bacon. Their tacos aren’t much different and there’s a choice of three – a meat, a veggie and a fish option. In the interests of variety, I’ve picked their Pan fried garlic king prawn tacos – which come loaded with chorizo, pico de gallo and a creamy remoulade sauce.

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Brewski Bar, 1, 58 W Mosley St, Manchester M2 3HZ


Al Pastor Pork Tacos

El Taquero
Tucked away on a little side street running parallel to Thomas Street, it’s rather easy to miss El Taquero. – There’s also a heightened chance that you’ll come into contact with a homeless fella, spiced up directly opposite their door. Throw him a quid and ascend the stairs though and you’ll find yourself in a cool little taco joint where authenticity is right up there on the top of their list. There’s A LOT of great tacos to choose from but my favourite go-to every time is their classic Al Pastor – spit roasted pork with chargrilled pineapple and onions – perfect.

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El Taquero, 42 Back Turner St, Manchester, M4 1FR


Cheeseburger Tacos

Luck, Lust, Liquor & Burn
Okay so these are about as Mexican as a middle class woman called Mavis who lives in Melton Mowbray with her 2 cats and her son Colin, but who cares when these tacos are so fucking filthy that you feel your toes tingling from the gout the second you lay eyes on them? Basically if you’re not sold straight away with the name of these things – there’s no point in you even bothering to try them. Crispy beef, cheddar, burger cheese, fries, bacon ketchup, chipotle sour cream, bacon rain, diced pickle and onion. That’s what’s on each one. Glorious.

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Luck Lust Liquor and Burn, 100-102 High St, Manchester M4 1HP


Massa Fried Chicken Tacos

El Camino
A brand new face on the city centre Mexican scene, El Camino have rocked up to The Cotton Factory at Whitworth Locke for a pop-up experience that is sure to impress you. Their speciality is tacos and these beauties are big, bold and full of flavour. My personal favourite is their Massa Fried Chicken which is crispy, tender and comes with a phenomenal homemade habanero aioli which is now my new most favourite thing in the world ever.

REVIEW: El Camino Pop-Up Gives Manchester Something to Taco-bout

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El Camino @ The Cotton Factory, Whitworth Locke, 74 Princess St, Manchester M1 6JD


Picante Lamb Tacos Fantasticos

Pancho’s Burritos
I’ll forever stick to my guns when it comes to Pancho’s and my enduring belief that it is by far the city’s most authentic Mexican grub. Their burritos are legendary but in my opinion they don’t come close to the power of their tacos – served on proper corn tortillas and available with a dazzling choice of fillings and additional extras. Personally I can’t not choose their Picante Lamb, which is cooked in a super sexy smokey chipotle sauce and is pretty much perfect with some sour cream, jalapenos and cheese on top. Top stuff this.

Pancho’s Burritos,
The Quadrangle, 1, Chester St, Manchester M1 5QS
Arndale Food Market, 49 High St, Manchester M4 3AH



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