NEW OPENING: A Neighbourhood Craft Beer & Live Music Bar in Stretford

A favourite of both Urmston and Flixton has now arrived in Stretford...

By Manchester's Finest | 1 June 2021

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There’s nothing better than the Great British Pub.

Our entire society and culture is based upon it. From back in the day when Christopher Marlowe was getting killed in a scrap outside a boozer, to the Queen Vic and the Rovers Return – pubs continue to be an essential part of our daily lives.

The problem is though that thousands of them across the UK are closing every single week, a statistic that’s only gotten higher since the COVID-19 pandemic – and looks set to get even worse.

So it’s with great pleasure and delight that I’m announcing a NEW OPENING of a bar, in Stretford no less – one which is set to become a staple of the area, and quickly – a lot of people’s favourite local boozer.

Already established in neighbouring Urmston and Flixton, BrewChimp have arrived with a bang on Barton Rd, wedged between that launderette and that beauty bar and ready to start pouring some seriously good craft ales, beers and ciders.

Not only that, but BrewChimp Stretford will also be regularly putting on live music – starting with this Bank Holiday Weekend – Sunday 30th June with an acoustic set from the legendary folk musician Mike McGoldrick, a man who’s been hailed as “one of the greatest Irish flautists of all time”.

BrewChimp have a regular rotating cask and ale pumps, some cracking lagers (including the phenomenal Weihenstephaner), wines, cocktails and everything else in between.

In addition, they’ve also launched an Indian Street Food restaurant upstairs – the Indian Social Club – serving up unique Indian ‘tapas’ dishes – of which you can read all about it right here:

South Indian Street Food ‘Tapas’ comes to Stretford


BrewChimp is open now.