NEW OPENING: Bernie’s Grocery Store comes to Altrincham

The Heaton Moor favourite have a brand-new new site...

The first lockdown of 2020 hit many people and businesses hard, and with the introduction of the government’s furlough scheme – vast swathes of the UK’s workforce were stuck twiddling their thumbs in their houses – not sure what to do with themselves.

It wasn’t long until people started to think about what they could do to make a bit of money, and more importantly – do something that they’ve always wanted to do, away from the constraints of going into the office and pissing about on Excel for 8 hours.

One such person is Will France, who, along with his partner – Bethan Roberts, whose expertise includes working at Pollen and Wolfhouse, created a responsibly sourced grocery store in Heaton Moor – Bernie’s.

Will with some Patel’s Pies

Initially starting off online, the store opened up back in October and started pulling the crowds almost immediately with a range of organic fruit and vegetables, sandwiches, cheese, wine and a selection of bakes.

You’d also find sourdough from Triangle Bake House, bagels from State Fayre and best of all – freshly baked Indian Curry Pies from Patel’s – which have become a phenomenon all of their own in the ensuing months.

The good news is that Will has finally completed on a new site over in Altrincham – a building just a few metres down from the One Central shipping container village – slap bang in the centre of town.

Looking to hopefully open at the end of May, keep an eye out on Bernie’s socials for developments…

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