NEW OPENING: Californian-inspired, Long Fermented Bagels Delivered Straight to Your Door

PRIMO Bagels is the brand-new bagel house breaking all the rules.

By Emma Davidson | March 3rd '22

You might’ve noticed the ominous PRIMO Bagels logos popping up across social media recently, designed by artist, Thomas Walmsley and looking like the album cover of a new-age prog-rock band or a flashback to a bad acid trip.  

But, lucky for us, we’re not being subjected to a bunch of bare-chested blokes with long greasy hair and inaudible, decibel-defying vocals. PRIMO is actually here to finally fill that sourdough bagel shaped hole you may have in your life. 

Fay Brown, Niall Harley and Scott Nicholas Shannon are the brains behind this business, all Manchester-based bakers that have broken free from tradition, bringing culinary science and experimentation to the city that they love.

The success of their bagels, they say, is down to the lablike methodology they bring to the kitchen. It’s more than baking, it’s experimentation and pure craftsmanship, created to pass on their passion for baking with each and every one of their trademark PRIMO bagels. 

Currently, PRIMO is doing its bagel drops via Instagram. “We have been so happy and grateful for the orders and feedback from all of our amazing customers up to now,” said Niall. 

“We will be doing drops more frequently as we go on and will be popping up in spots around the city soon, too.”

So, if you want to know how exactly to get your hands on a circular slice of sourdough heaven, listen closely. 

Firstly, keep an eye out on the PRIMO Instagram page as all drops will be announced there. THEN, if something takes your fancy, drop the team a DM for collection at Royal Mills apartments in Ancoats, or Niall will hop on his bike and deliver your order straight to your door. The map below outlines their current delivery radius.

So, if you’re looking for a bagel bakery that doesn’t follow the rules, you’re in the right place. PRIMO have occupied a more DIY approach to building their brand and the methods that they use in the kitchen, meaning that their bagels are an absolute must try. 

With over 30 years of combined hospitality experience spanning across many different disciplines and the finer points of baking, the founders are bringing unique flavours spanning savoury, sweet, delicate and delicious, hopefully changing the way you enjoy bagels, one mouthful at a time.

PRIMO will also be available at Cloudwater Brewery THIS SATURDAY! Bagels will be filled, cookies will have Cloudwater birthday stout in and a PRETZEL bagel is making a one off appearance as a perfect companion for your delicious beverages. They’ll be knocking about from 2pm – 8pm, so pop in and sat hello!


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