NEW OPENING: A drive-thru traditional Indian restaurant has opened in Bolton

Chaiiwala offers a menu of authentic rotis, kebabs and burgers.

By Emma Davidson | 4 January 2023

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Move over Maccies, there’s a new kid in town, and this time with a lot more spice. No, literally – Chaiiwala, the Indian street food restaurant that was founded on the streets of New Delhi has made its way to Bolton, opening its doors on Manchester Road.

A mere 4,238 miles away from its birthplace, Chaiiwala is a drive-thru concept Indian restaurant, the first of its kind in the UK. Offering an advanced menu of traditional food, the restaurant explores its heritage through flavour spanning both sweet and savoury dishes. 

Image: Chaiiwala via Instagram
Image: Chaiiwala via Instagram

With food that’s ‘true to its roots’, diners can enjoy breakfast and lunch snacks including Aloo Paratha, Sweet Bombay Toast, Halwa Puri and a Delhi Breakfast – a fresh Masala Omelette with your choice of topping, side dish and selection of breads.

The restaurant also offers a huge menu of Indian street food that transports guests to the small tea room that started it all. The founders were the original pioneers of the recipes you see in store today, with many becoming a huge hit in its restaurants across the world.  

The street food menu features staples such as the Butter Chicken, Chilli Paneer and the Pav Bhaji – a tasty mixed veg curry served with a lemon wedge, onions and a toasted bun. Diners can also grab the famous Karak Chaii, a well brewed strong tea that’s possibly Chaiiwala’s most famous beverage. 

Image: Chaiiwala via Instagram
Image: Chaiiwala via Instagram

Distinguishing itself from the competition with its drive-thru style restaurant, Chaiiwala has quickly grown to become a recognisable brand and a fastly growing independent business, with even more plans to grow to 500 stores across the world in the next decade.

Speaking to Bolton News, Chaiiwala co-founder said: ““This is extremely exciting news for Bolton and the UK in general as this is the first time the Chaiiwala brand has been created as a drive-thru concept.

“This is a totally new experience for our valued customers and the first time they can experience our Indian street food in a drive-thru setting. This is the first time we have offered this concept and are delighted with the results.”

Chaiiwala Bolton is open 7.30am – 11pm Sunday – Thursday and 7.30am – 12pm Friday and Saturday.