NEW OPENING: Venezuelan Street Food at the Piccadilly Market

Mia's Arepas have just set up shop at the weekly Piccadilly Market...

I won’t think of you a savage if you’ve never heard of an ‘Arepas‘ before. They’re a South American street food that’s yet to fully permeate into Manchester’s food scene – until now that is anyway.

Mia’s Arepas have opened up at the weekly Piccadilly Market in the gardens this week, serving up a range of delicious arepas, as well as empanadas – which are worth a full, separate write up all on their own.

I’m going to stick with the Arepas at the moment though, and let you know what they are. Extremely popular in Venezuela and Colombia, an arepa is a maize flour patty that is fried, sliced open and then stuffed with an unlimited range of fillings.

The Colombians like to pop cheese in theirs and cook until melted – creating their very own version of the ‘toastie’, while the Venezuelans enjoy filling them with a wide variety of fillings – often determined by the location in which they are sold and what ingredients can be obtained.

In Manchester though we have an impressive choice of fillings, from seasoned shredded beef to chicken – all finished off with shredded avocado, beans, cheese, plantains and quite possibly the best hot sauce you’ll ever taste.

When I went down this week I tucked into the classic Pabellon Criollo with seasoned shredded beef, black beans, cheese, mozzarella, plantain and avocado and it was spectacular. I wholeheartedly recommend that you get yourself down there ASAP and give them a try.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to buy yourself an Empanada too – they’re basically South American pasties which are filled to the brim with chicken, beef or black beans and cheese.


Mia’s Arepas will be on Piccadilly Market every Wednesday and Thursday.

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