NEW OPENING: Withington's new Taco & Tequila Joint...

Solomons is retiring - making way for Southside Tequila Joint.

By Manchester's Finest | May 12th '20

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After 5 glorious years as Withington's prime boozer/restaurant/live music venue - Solomon has now been put out to pasture, to spend the rest of his days chilling, relaxing and of course - chillaxing. Coming up to fill in the void he leaves though will be Southside Tequila Joint - a new venture from the Solomons team that will specialise in all things Mexican - most noticeably tacos and well... tequila. Now, details are a little bit scarce at the moment but you should know that when lockdown ends - Southside will be ready and rearing to go and open for their first customers. What exactly will be on the taco menu - I dunno. What the cocktails will look like - I dunno. Not too helpful really am I?! Tell you what, best thing to do is to keep up to date on their socials below... Keep Up To Date