NEW OPENING: World Famous Taiwanese Fried Chicken in Fallowfield

An impressive new addition to Wilmslow Road...

By Ben Brown | 15 June 2021

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In what must be the first actual opening in Fallowfield for more than a few years, MONGA has recently opened up on Wilmslow Road and they’re confidently serving up their “world famous” Taiwanese Fried Chicken.

What’s Taiwanese Fried Chicken? A massively popular street snack in the night markets of Taiwan, Monga have created massive butterfly chicken breasts that are marinated and then fried to perfection in one of four different seasoned batters.

Crispy on the outside and supremely juicy on the inside, Monga manage this by marinating the chicken in honey first and then applying one of their signature batters before frying. You can choose from:

Hot Chick – Home made chilli powder
The King – Salt & Pepper
Chee-z Signature – Mozzarella cheese with ketchup or chilli sauce
Taiker – Teriyaki sauce and seaweed powder

The menu also features nuggets, Taiwanese-style Popcorn Chicken, Seaweed Chips and Chicken Wings, as well as Brown Sugar Bubble Teas, Beers and more.


If you don’t fancy a trip down to Fallowfield, Monga is also available on Deliveroo and Just Eat.


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