Not just Tacos: We check out the Mexican Cocktails by El Camino at The Cotton Factory

El Camino's pop-up in The Cotton Factory is well under way and we're giving you a run-down on all of their cocktails including some classics...

By Alex Watson | 20 August 2019

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Famed throughout the land for their outstanding tacos, El Camino should certainly be on your list if you’re a fan of Mexican cuisine. They’ve taken the city by storm since popping-up in The Cotton Factory, and it’s not just their tacos which are making an impact.

Their selection of drinks is exceptional, in particular their brilliant cocktail menu which boasts a range of fantastic Mexican inspired drinks to enjoy alongside your spicy tacos and large plates. We went down to try them out…

Aztec Sour (£8)
A simple drink taking a well-shaken mix of Rum Bayou Spiced a Louisiana spiced rum infused in spices for 30 days. The rum is sweet, with banana and cinnamon aromas with a hint of pepper. Taking the edge off is a good squeeze of lime, and foam from egg white.


Bloody Maria (£8)
A Mexican twist on the classic and well-known cocktail. Made with Tequila El rooster Rojo Blanco a white tequila that is agave cooked for 10 hours. There is an added cracked black pepper scent and tomato leaf taste brought together with Soul Sauce, tomato juice and a good wedge of celery.


Frozen Daiquiri (£8)
Exactly how they should be. Strong. Cold. And delicious. El Camino uses Rum Bayou Spiced and fresh lime swirled together with ice for a delicious frozen cocktail.


Frozen Margarita (£8)
Same again here, strong, tequila, lime served very, very cold but very, very moorish. Using Tequila El Rooster Rojo Bianco that is initially sweet with a distinct peppery after taste combating and complimented by fresh lime. Served frozen, you won’t believe you’re in Manchester.


Tulum (£9)
A refreshing drink made with 100% Agave Tequila, Cenote Blanco. The tequila is made with naturally filtered volcano water and is double-pot distilled with copper and stainless steel giving it a very fresh and citrusy flavour. Served with ginger beer, fresh lemon and laced with Cassis this is a sweet and refreshing cocktail perfect when the sun is shining.


Shot O’Clock (£9)
A shot of tequila, a shot of fresh lime, pineapple, coriander and jalapeño. Served alongside a bottle of beer.


Cocktails at El Camino

Venue: The Cotton Factory

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