NOW DELIVERING: Manchester's BEST Selection of Rare Fizzy Pop & American Sweets

It's a seemingly normal newsagents on Piccadilly Gardens...

By Ben Brown | 24 November 2020

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Most people who frequent the city centre on a regular basis will know that there’s a secret war brewing on either side of Piccadilly Gardens. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it’s a ‘cold’ war and it’s between Tutzy’s News at City Tower and the Mini Market on Oldham Street.

You see, mention either one of these places to someone and you’ll find that everyone has their own champion – fighting to secure the crown of ‘Best selection of rare and weird fizzy pop’ in the city.

Personally I’ll always choose Tutzy’s – primarily because they actually turn their fridge on – so you can enjoy the can of fizz how it’s supposed to be enjoyed – ice cold.

But whatever your preference, there’s no denying that the selection of drinks on offer in either shop is impressive. US imports, obscure juices and weird special editions – they’re a veritable treasure trove of aluminium cans filled with sugar and water – with each visit uncovering a new one to try.

Well, if you’re unable to get yourself down to Piccadilly Gardens due to this pesky lockdown, you’ll be very pleased to hear that Tutzy’s are now on UberEats – offering up delivery on their huge range of fizzy pop and their unbeatable selection of American sweets, toffees and products.

There’s everything you’ve heard on US films and telly, including Twizzlers, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Mike & Ike, Jolly Rancher and a ton more, plus some super rare fizzy pop including the Root Beer, some mad Fanta flavours and the Holy Grail – Dr Pepper Vanilla Float.

Sure it’s all bad for your teeth and waistline but try not to worry too much – just imagine how happy you’ll feel when the delivery arrives and you’ve got £10 worth of fizzy pop and toffees!


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