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The Lockdown Liquor & Co have got you sorted...

By Manchester's Finest | 27 May 2020

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I know that many of the people who work in cocktail bars will disagree with me, and indeed so will my very own mother, but making cocktails at home is a proper pain in the arse.

Unless you've already spent around £20 on some exotic instruments and then another tenner on limes and sugar and ice, then it's going to start costing you a pretty penny, and that's BEFORE you think about all of the washing up you're going to have to do once it's all been done.

So a pre-mixed cocktail is clearly the best option here, and there have been a few companies offering up a range of them during this COVID-19 lockdown period.

The latest is Lockdown Liquor & Co who are offering two different 'mixes', with delivery throughout the UK & Ireland, and what's more, they are also contributing proceeds made to help raise funds for NHS Charities Together, supporting NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients.

So what have they got? Well, there's Picante and there's Pepino. Now, I've only had Picante (which was outstanding) so I don't know about Pepino but here's what's in 'em so you can make your own mind up...


"Our fiery favourite and founding pre-mixed cocktail, the Picante is a tequila based bottle of joy with a sweet and spicy finish."

Ingredients: Reposado tequila, lime, agave nectar, chili
Serving suggestion: To enjoy to the fullest, pour over an ice-filled rocks glass, place the top end of a chilli pepper stem upwards and enjoy!


"A refreshing mix with gin-laced cucumber, fresh lime and mint, the ideal weekend drink for when hints of summer are on the horizon."

Ingredients: Gin, lime, cucumber, mint, simple syrup
Serving suggestion: Serve ice cold in a coupe glass, rub a slice of cucumber on the rim of the glass and then place in the cocktail.

I sat in my back garden this Bank Holiday, in my hot tub with tacos, salsa and a big sombrero and it was brilliant. A friend without a garden won the hot tub at Bongo's Bingo by the way, I'm a peasant really.

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