NOW DELIVERING: Proper Spanish SANGRIA, Made by the Experts...

Choose from Red, White and even Rosé!

By Manchester's Finest | 26 May 2020

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As I’m sure you are fully aware, it’s a Bank Holiday this weekend and it’s the last one until the end of August. That’s AGES away – so you’re going to have to take full advantage of this one.

One plus is that the weather is set to be pretty good – with prolonged sunny spells in which you can catch some of that much-needed Vitamin D and have a chill.

But what are you going to be drinking? Well, independent Spanish restaurant La Bandera are now offering SANGRIA for delivery – and it’s outstanding.

Sticking to their traditional (and pretty secret) Spanish recipe, the sangria is available in red, white and rose and you know what? The Rose might just actually be the best one you know!

What’s better than sun and sangria? Nothing. Add a few more ‘s’ words in there and you’ve got yourself the best lockdown Bank Holiday imaginable.


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