NOW DELIVERING: Remedy Kitchen's Healthy Bespoke Meal Prep Service

The Remedy Kitchen is on a mission to change the health of the city with their new meal service...

By Manchester's Finest | 14 March 2021

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The Remedy Kitchen have started offering luxury tailored Meal Prep Plans born out of lockdown, the lifestyle service offers 100% gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, professionally made meals that will detox the body and mind.

An established favourite healthy-eating spot in the city, The Remedy Kitchen, has created the first gluten, dairy & refined sugar free healthy meal prep plans in Manchester, based on holistic nutrition principles. Meticulously curated for optimal health and wellbeing, Remedy’s meal prep is perfect for those seeking an all-encompassing solution to looking and feeling healthier.

Led by nutrition, The Remedy Kitchen’s mission is to change the health of Manchester with their freshly prepared dishes, brimming with vitamins and nutrients, delivered straight to your door.

Acknowledging that the fast-paced lives we lead can leave little space for consideration of the health of our bodies and minds through the food and drink we consume; The Remedy Kitchen’s ethos is to make healthy eating accessible to those who don’t have the time to meal prep every day.

Their plans have been lovingly thought-out by Remedy Kitchen’s founder, Katie McIntosh, with each dish carefully created with the goal of improving overall health through a high-quality diet. Designed to make you feel healthier from the inside out – maximising energy levels, vitality and wellbeing using natural, wholesome ingredients.

As specialist in Nutrition for Disordered Eating and Obese Populations, with years of training and expertise in the nutrition and fitness fields Katie is now channelling this into her passion to create a service that can bring nutritious eating to the homes of Manchester, boosting health with upmost convenience.

The Remedy Kitchen’s professional chefs are experts at creating delicious restaurant quality, yet nutritionally balanced dishes, making healthy eating a breeze.

Their menus are inspired by the seasons, 100% free of processed or inflammatory ingredients, including gluten, dairy, wheat and refined carbohydrates.

To cater for different dietary requirements and taste preferences you can choose from the following plans…

Plant-based or Vegetarian – carefully co-ordinated to ensure you’re getting all those essential nutrients and vitamins, recharging your diet with healthy alternatives.

Meat-based – nutritionally balanced, using fresh ingredients and high-quality proteins – and Pescatarian – incorporate healthy fish into your diet with Remedy’s plans, rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

You also have the freedom to select how many meals you’d like per day. A 4-week plan with one meal a day starts from £160. There are also dedicated plans for couples, breakfast bundles, and a 5-day reset plan.

All meals are prepared in compostable heat-sealed containers that can be placed directly in the oven, microwave or freezer, making this a truly convenient service that offers full start-to-finish preparation. Depending on what suits you best, meals can be delivered locally to your door or collected on Mondays and Thursdays from Remedy’s restaurant in the city centre.

The Remedy Kitchen also offers a Smoothie Cleanse package where you can detox your system with their delicious, natural and fresh smoothie range. All smoothies are made with plant-based milks with no added sugars, stabilisers or sweeteners – choose from the Green Miracle, Berry Cleanse or Tropical Glow. Packages start from £24 for a week.

For all the coffee lovers, Remedy Kitchen offer a dairy-free coffee subscription service. With the Coffee Pass you can enjoy all the speciality coffees, teas and hot tonics at £20 per month, with the first week completely free. Also available to use on takeaways.


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