The NQ Bar that's created Manchester's first Vegan Irish Coffee

Now everyone can enjoy that lovely boozy-coffee-goodness even if you don't do dairy!

By Ben Brown | 2 August 2019

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Certifiable cocktail pioneers Science & Industry have gone and done it again – defying the ‘science’ bit and creating a drink that looks and sounds impossible but actually exists and is actually super tasty too.

I should probably get this out of the way early – I hate coffee.

I hate the smell, I hate the taste, I hate the fact that people can’t function properly without it and I hate most of all; the Espresso Martini.

Nothing embodies my hatred of coffee more than that bitter, horrible cocktail and so when I was actually FORCED to drink the ‘Black Emerald‘ at Science & Industry I did so with considerable reluctance and much complaining.

I must say though – I actually enjoyed it!

I’m not just saying that either – I would never put my integrity on the line by lying about actually liking coffee – I know that nobody would ever believe me. But the Black Emerald was saved by one super-special bit – the FOAM on top.

This is also where the vegan bit comes in, as well as the super-duper science section so pay attention. You listening? Right, I’ll begin…

The creation of former Head Bartender Sam Taylor, the Black Emerald is his attempt at an Espresso Martini / Irish Coffee hybrid that is available for everybody – including vegans. The problem obviously arises pretty early when it comes to the cream on top – what can vegans use instead?

Well, most cream or dairy alternatives are in no way suitable for the job, either instantly curdling with the cocktail below or just wilting into nothingness when foamed up.

So Sam scoured the internet, looked through his dad’s Filofax and rang around all of his mates and ended up finding a stabiliser from a company called MSK Ingredients which managed to fit the bill perfectly.

After extensive testing, trials and probably some conical flasks, Sam cracked it and what you’re left with is a fully vegan Irish Coffee, with a proper vanilla foam on top. A topping that doesn’t wilt into nothing and genuinely enhances every mouthful of the coffee-concoction.

So there you have it – well done Sam and well done Science & Industry. The city’s first fully-functioning (and actually delicious) Irish Coffee is here and you can try it anytime – just head on down to Science & Industry.


Black Emerald (£9.50) at Science & Industry



Science & Industry, Cane & Grain, 49 -51 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 839 7033