This Northern Quarter spot has designed the perfect Sunday hangover cure...

... and it includes lots of meat, carbs and lovely lovely cheese!

By Ben Brown | 18 October 2019

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My typical Sunday revolves around me struggling for 2 hours to get out of bed, giving up, putting Friends on the telly and not moving for the rest of the day.

Typically hungover and rougher than a badger’s behind, just thinking about going outside for fresh air gives me a head ache, and any thoughts on doing some form of activity – vomit inducing.

All it usually takes to get me out of that fuzz is of course, food. And lots of it. Which is why a trip to Cane & Grain has become a must.

They’ve created the Hangover Tray, a huge platter of meat and spuds that will sort your head right out and get you back on the sauce ready for another session.

So what’s actually in it? Well, the whole thing starts with half a roast chicken, followed by some lovely tender strips of their signature smoked beef brisket.

The meat is then paired with some crispy roast potatoes, a side of collard greens and best of all – a cup of their brilliant Mac & Cheese.

This is all finished off with a little boat of thick, meaty gravy in which to smother over the whole thing. Perfect.

The tray will cost you a measly £15 and is more than enough to keep hunger locked up until Monday afternoon. You could also share it if you are so inclined – but I don’t recommend it.


Hangover Tray from Cane & Grain

Venue: Cane & Grain
Date: Every Sunday
Time: From 12pm
Cost: £15

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Cane & Grain, 49 -51 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 839 7033