The NQ restaurant setting Manchester alight with their homemade Hot Sauces

These aren't just your run-of-the-mill hot sauces - BAB is getting serious about them.

By Manchester's Finest | 9 August 2019

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Top-class gourmet kebab connoisseurs BAB certainly know a thing or two about what they’re trying to sell. They know that a kebab is not just about the filling (of which they have some truly stunning choices), it’s not just about the bread (handmade flatbreads), it’s not just about the salad.

No, one of the most important (and sadly most overlooked) things that go into making a good kebab into a fantastic kebab is the sauce – whether you want it cool, spicy, ketchup or fruity – sauce can make or break any meal.

So BAB’s Head Chef, Dean Kinsey decided that he didn’t just want to offer any old sauces on his prized creations. So he cobbed out the Colmans, ditched the Daddies and binned the Branston – and decided to make his own.

The result? Well, look for yourself at the sauces ‘wall’ inside…

Starting with a relatively mild Madras Mayonnaise, the choice goes all the way up to ‘Reaper’ – a hot sauce that will quite literally melt your face off.

The sauces are a real labour of love for Dean and his team – they’re all made in-house and they’re all pretty complex.

The Madras Mayo for example is curry oil infused in-house and then used to make a classic mayo – resulting in a sauce that’s SO far removed from your average Hellman’s and curry powder concoction that you’ll never want to try any other curry sauce ever again.

Then there’s the Scotch Bonnet & Habanero Sriracha, where the team ferment chillies for 8 days before using them to create that classic garlicky Sriracha flavour.

Then of course there’s the ‘Reaper‘, a sauce that’s SO had that it’s caused many a customer to cry their little eyes out upon tasting. Made with the spiciest chilli in the world (The Carolina Reaper at 1.5m Scoville units!), BAB’s version aims to not dilute the flavour and heat so they first chargrill them and roast them with garlic before blending them into a super-hot face melting sauce.

There are plenty of sauces on offer, including my absolute favourite the Habanero BBQ, so next time you’re sat in BAB wondering what kebab to order, have a look on the wall and make sure you get yourself one of these brilliant in-house sauces too.


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