NQ64 is the Northern Quarter's brand new arcade bar

And they need people to go test their games out with FREE BOOZE provided!

By Ben Brown | Last updated 29 January 2019

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We’ve caught wind of a new bar set to open in the NQ in February where all your 80’s arcade dreams will come true.

If you’ve been past Short Street in the NQ recently, you will have seen something going on and that something is the entrance to NQ64, a brand-new drinking den packed with a wealth of retro games and arcades.

Although it is not ready just yet, there’s still plenty to get excited about and even though a couple of the machines are still yet to arrive, there are already some proper classics knocking about.

80’s dwarf-bashing classic Golden Axe is in there, as is Pac-Man, Space Invaders, a 4 player X-Men and the best shooter ever – Point Blank.

You can also spy a couple of pinball machines in the pictures, a version of that brilliant Star Wars Arcade that came out a few years back and a tabletop version of the most frustrating game ever – Donkey Kong.

In addition to these classic arcades, they also have a collection of old consoles, including a load of N64’s, the odd SNES and every cool 90’s kids’ favourite – the Mega Drive. All of which will come with a ton of games in which to spank your mates at.

There’ll be LOADS more on offer when NQ64 opens on the week commencing Monday 18th February, so you should cruise on down and check it out. Watch this space for more info.

Before then, they’re looking for GAME (AND BEER) TESTERS the week before, so if you fancy heading down to play (and drink) for FREE then give them a holler on their Instagram page


Game and Beer Testing at NQ64
11th-15th February

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