For One Night Only: The BLACK Vada Pav by Bundobust and Metallica

Metallica will be playing at the Etihad next week and to celebrate Bundobust have created something very special!

By Ben Brown | 14 June 2019

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Seeing as the band have created their own Pilsner with Stone Brewing (called Enter Night), Bundobust have decided to take their famous Vada Pac and give it a proper metal makeover.

As one of the only venues in the UK serving up the special Stone Brewing x Metallica collaboration beer, Bundobust have taken their burger and made it ALL BLACK.

“How much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.”

The Bundo Metallica special, called “Nothing Else Vadas”, will be exclusively available in the Manchester Bundobust venue, on Tuesday 18th June at 12pm as Metallica play that night.

It will be a black version of their classic Vada Pav – a deep-fried ball of spiced mashed potato, served in a brioche bun, with red & green chutneys. Mumbai’s favourite burger.

Mayur Patel, founder of Bundobust said; “With all the buzz surrounding Metallica coming to Manchester and the launch of Enter Night Pilsner, we wanted to have a bit of fun to mark the occasion.

The dry-hopping gives the pilsner a bit of oomph, so we decided to match it by amping up the intensity of our signature Vada Pav; making it extra large, giving the potato patty a spicy chilli sauce coating, and serving it in a black bun, because metal.


The Black Vada Pav
“Nothing Else Vadas”

Venue: Bundobust
Date: Tuesday 18th June
Time: From 12pm
Availability: Limited to 25

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Bundobust, 61 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2AG
0161 359 6757