Pedro's Got Merch

Crazy Pedro’s, the part-time pizza parlour and full-time party bar known for their outlandish pizzas and drinks have taken things to the next level with a range of merchandise.

By Ben Brown | 28 March 2018

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Sure to grab everyone’s attention, the new collection features a full line of Crazy Pedro’s branded products, all available from their swanky online shop.

If you love Pedro and you love pizza, this new collection is the one for you. When did souvenir tees go out of style? Never. Complete your wardrobe with styles such as the Pedro vs. Trump, Teenage Mutant Ninja Pedro or Nirvana tees.

For something even more random, how about a sticker pack, snapback cap, temporary tattoo set, pin badge or colouring book?  You can even practice your tossing skills with their bespoke beer pong kit!

It’s legit, head over to their website and check out the exclusive range of products here.

Muchos fashion, Muchos Pedro!