Pen & Pencil's 4 classic dishes. 4 years in the making.

They've celebrated 4 years this week and these signature dishes are still going strong.

By Manchester's Finest | 2 October 2019

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It’s a massive achievement to still be in business in hospitality after 4 years, what with changing trends, rising costs and those big bloody supermarkets undercutting you ever step of the way.

Well, The Pen & Pencil in the NQ have managed to reach this milestone and this week; celebrating 4 glorious years in one of the most divisive and difficult areas of the city to operate.

In all that time they’ve also kept hold of 4 ‘Signature Dishes’ that have been on the menu since day dot – 4 items on the menu which encapsulate exactly what to expect from the venue.

As a venue that offers both extensive brunch and main menus – there’s two from each section…

Eggs Pen & Pencil

A twist on the ultimate brunch classic, The Pen & Pencil have taken Eggs Benedict and given it a complete overhaul complete with MORE meat, MORE veg and MORE flavour. Perched on top of a thick slab of sourdough is two poached eggs, pancetta, sausage patties, bacon and a tomato and onion seed chutney – all coating in a creamy hollandaise sauce.


Steak & Eggs

Perfect for all you big gym lovers, the Steak & Eggs is a protein monster, complete with a thick 6oz marinated rump steak, fried eggs, hash browns and a tub of hollandaise for some serious dipping. You can of course just pour your hollandaise all over everything but nothing beats a bit of dippy-dippy in the mornings.


Pen & Pencil Burger

Ever since the Big Mac was invented all the way back in the 70’s, restaurants have used the humble burger as their ‘signature’ – and it’s always a good indication of the quality of the food on the rest of the menu. It’s a good job that The Pen & Pencil’s is so bloody good then as you’re treated to a 7oz beef patty, Swiss cheese, bacon, salad and a lovely smoked paprika mayo. Add some chips on the side and you’re sorted.


Philly Sandwich

A favourite amongst Rocky and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the Philly Cheese Sandwich is legendary in the old US of A and it has reached an almost similar status within the walls of The Pen & Pencil over the last 4 years. It’s simple yet brilliant; grab a huge bit of ciabatta and stuff it with steak, Swiss cheese, peppers, red onion, chutney and honey mustard mayo and you could almost be on the streets of Philadelphia like Bruce Springsteen in no time.


They’re due a menu change over the coming weeks over at The Pen & Pencil (so keep an eye on that) but you can be guaranteed that these 4 will always be on there – like the metaphorical workhorses that they are.

Brunch is served every day from 10am – 4pm while mains are available every day from 12pm.


Pen & Pencil’s Signature Dishes

Date & Time: Every day from 10am

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