Pick Your Beans, Perfect Your Coffee - Introducing Seed & Cherry

Another NQ coffee shop? Nah mate, this is a coffee EXPERIENCE.

By Manchester's Finest | 13 December 2019

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How to find the ultimate brew for you. Step 1: Go to Seed & Cherry. Task completed.

Speciality Coffee Beans

Not just another coffee shop, S&C source beans from some of the finest coffee farms in the world. These are the kinds of beans that you’re not going to find anywhere else and each one has its very own flavour profile.

So there’s traditional beans from Brazil with chocolate & hazelnut flavours, bold and strong it’s perfect in a latte, while the Ethiopia Duromina is much lighter and has elements of apricot and jasmine coming through – meaning it’s lighter and therefore perfect in a black coffee.

They’re literally stepping-up and redefining ‘artisanal’ coffee – they’ve worked to perfect the variety of brew methods to get the most out of each coffee bean.

The grind size, quantity, extraction time are all precisely controlled to ensure justice has been done to the complex flavours of the beans.

Small Plates Brunch

Plus, they’ve utterly nailed the best meal of the day: breakfast. Or, brunch, if its a Sunday morning (we don’t blame you). With a chef with extensive experience in Michelin starred restaurants, their impeccable ‘small plates’ use the highest quality fresh, seasonal ingredients.

And, of course, small plates mean being able to eat more of the menu. Try the Pan-fried Halloumi glazed with honey, or, the Vanilla Brioche French Toast, or, Roasted Mushrooms and Goat’s Cheese.

But obviously you’ll get all 3. The joy of small plates.

Lest we forget, beauty is what’s on the inside. And the inside of this place is pretty beautiful. The clean aesthetic with wood surfaces and a plant-per-square-foot contributes to the chilled atmosphere; the perfect setting for your ultimate artisan coffee.


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Seed & Cherry, 20 Church Street, Manchester. M4 1PN