A Pie & A Pint for £10 this British Pie Week at The Bay Horse

It's British Pie Week, and to celebrate, The Bay Horse Tavern in the NQ is offering one of their lovely, lovely pies with a choice of chips or mash and a pint for only £10.

By Steven Pankhurst | 7 March 2018

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It’s a one-week-only deal so if you’re looking to fill your face with huge chunks of tender Steak and Ale, devour some creamy Chicken & Broccoli or get involved in the veg-side with Mushroom & Leek – these bad boys are for you.

Then comes the next big decision – mash or chips? I think of mash is a bit of a Southern thing personally but nothing beats creamy, buttery potatoes caked in some thick, meaty gravy – it’s as if it was born to go perfectly with a pie. Alternatively, though – thrice cooked chips with gravy on them are bloody hard to beat. I suppose this is probably how JFK felt during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Regardless of what side you go for, you’ll also get an ice-cold pint of The Bay Horse Pilsner, or one of them pint glasses with a handle of ale. Personally, it’s lager every time – but have whatever you want – you’re an adult. Act like it by making your own decisions for once.

The offer ends on Sunday, so be sure to get down and gobble a pie and pint as soon as you can.

The Bay Horse Tavern, 35-37 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 669 5799