Reckon you could handle the HUGE Lane Closer Burger at Dog Bowl?

This huge burger is packed with all of your favourite food groups; meat, cheese and plenty of sauce!

By Manchester's Finest | 10 September 2019

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Okay so burgers might not be the most popular form of food at the moment but there was a shining few years where they were all anybody talked about.

The 'Burger Revolution' began in the NQ with Almost Famous and pretty much penetrated every single restaurant in the city, with all manner of 'dirty' creations getting wheeled out at every opportunity.

Since then though it seems that pizza may have taken the crown for most-favoured foodstuffs in the city, soon probably to be replaced by something different - maybe hot dogs!?

Anyway, not since the burger revolution have I been so impressed by a big magnificent, meaty monster as I was when I went down to Dog Bowl this week to try their Lane Closer (£14) burger, a colossal tower of meat, cheese and juiciness.

It certainly looks the part, but what's between those two buns?

Well, you'll get 3 (yes 3!) 100% beef patties, there's a big pile of Pulled Pork, cheese, salad and Tater tots on there. They then add some tangy BBQ sauce and then pour cheese sauce all over the bloody thing.

Finally, a cheeky little slider is added to the top - as if you've not got enough meat and bread already!

This bad boy is perfect alongside a few games of bowling (mostly because you probably can't finish it quick enough for just one game) and is actually a good size for sharing - should you be one of those people who let others eat their food.


The Lane Closer

Venue: Dog Bowl
Date: Available all-day, every day
Cost: £14

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Dog Bowl, Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5WW
0161 228 2888