The new Albert’s Schloss brunch menu has breakfast butties on a croissant bun

We tried the new breakfast items at Schloss, which also include a new take on eggs Benedict with a Turkish accent.

By Kelly Bishop | 21 February 2023

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Ask any Manc where the best places to eat breakfast and brunch in the city centre are and there’s a good chance their list will include Albert’s Schloss. The Bavarian-inspired bier palace may be renowned for bringing the party – complete with lederhosen, Manchester’s best drag acts and raucous live bands – but it’s also got your hangover covered.

At breakfast time, the huge venue takes on a different hue. Gone is the hustle and hysteria in place of something a lot calmer. You can take in the splendour of the beautiful building a bit more. Enjoy the details. But there’s still plenty to get excited about, especially if yolk porn is your thing.

The new Kroissant Royale is one for the yolk porn lovers. Image: Manchester’s Finest

We went down to try some of the new additions to the Albert’s Schloss breakfast menu.

One thing you might not realise about Albert’s Schloss is that everything is baked in house. The team of master bakers gets in at 4am to work the dough. They prove and bake enormous sourdough loaves which you can pop in and buy to take home, sweet, fruit and custard-stuffed cruffins and pastries, and savoury croissants and flatbreads. 

Albert’s Schloss’s OG full breakfast. Image: Manchester’s Finest

The team still rolls the classic crescent shaped French pastry but their croissants now get made into disc-shaped versions too. These are baked and split ready to be filled with the ingredients that make up their Kroissant Royale. If you like a brioche bun, this breakfast butty slides things up the buttery scale. Choose from bratwurst or back bacon (or moving mountains sausage if you’re veggie) and this is topped with sweet slow cooked onions, melting gouda cheese, a Burford Brown fried egg with a runny yolk, crispy shallots and chives. Keeping it Munich-y, there’s a pot of curry ketchup on the side for smearing or dunking. It’s hard to imagine a better butty to shove in your face on a hungry morning.

Schloss’ take on a Benedict is served on an eye-shaped Turkish pide. Image: Manchester’s Finest

Alongside the perennial fry up (Schloss’s comes with soft sliced bread and not sourdough, some of you may be glad to hear), new additions to the menu include two other regally named specials. Both the salmon and mushroom royales are served not on a classic English muffin (too obvs for this lot) but on a Turkish pide – an eye shaped flatbread. Ugie smoked salmon or molasses and chilli roasted oyster mushrooms are topped with perfect poached Burford Brown eggs and a gravy boat of golden Hollandaise sauce for pouring. 

Haus granola comes with orange zest dusted Greek yoghurt. Image: Manchester’s Finest

If you’ve got more of a sweet tooth – or, like us, you like a two-course breakfast – Schloss’s Haus granola is served with orange zest dusted Greek yoghurt, maple syrup, and berry compote. Or grab one of those incredible house- baked pastries or pretzels to take away. 

One last thing, if you like booze with your breakfast but a cocktail seems a step too far, how about a tot of whisky in your morning coffee? A Schloss Irish coffee will certainly put a spring in your step.

Breakfast is served 9am-midday every day of the week. Bookings are advised at weekends.

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