Celebrate 1 MILLION wings sold at Bunny Jacksons (and WIN FREE wings for life too!)

This week will see Bunny's hit the 1m wings sold mark - that's a lot of chickens!

By Ben Brown | 24 September 2019

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In fact, its 250,000 chickens – which is a very impressive amount of birds (and an even more impressive amount of edible appendages).

To celebrate this HUGE milestone, Bunny Jacksons are putting on a massive Mega Millionth Wing party this Friday 27th September where you can get yourself a ton of FREE wings, drink some serious cocktails and take part in a massive Beer Pong competition.

But that’s not all. Manage to WIN yourself the Beer Pong tournament and guess what? You’ll win FREE WINGS FOR LIFE! Thank you very much indeed Mr Jackson.

Since opening nearly 2 years ago Bunny’s have become Home to the 10p Chicken Wing, offering a range of fantastic wings from just 10p. Not only that but they also offer up live music through the week, have an insane Happy Hour and is known throughout the land as the best go-hard or go-home place in the city.

The party begins at 5pm and you’d better be prepared for a massive night of celebration as Bunny Jacksons truly becomes the king of the chicken wings…


Bunny’s Mega Millionth Wing Mayhem!

Venue: Bunny Jacksons
Date: Friday 27th September
Time: From 5pm
Cost: FREE


Bunny Jacksons, 1 Jack Rosenthal Street, Manchester M15 4RA