Cottonopolis detox menu

A detox menu designed to cancel out some of the bad (but oh so good) decisions we made in festive season

By Lee Isherwood | 11 January 2017

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Cottonopolis has launched a detox menu designed to cancel out some of the bad (but oh so good) decisions we made in festive season, of which let’s be honest, there were plenty.

Cottonopolis have partnered with artisan tea blender Quinteassential to create three bespoke menus around herbal teas: Detox, Cleanse and Revive. Each tea has been particularly selected so that their unique flavours compliment the foods they are partnered with. The detox menus offer premium Cottonopolis favourites at prices which should be accessible for those still crawling back into the light after the expenses of Christmas.

The Detox menu, priced at £8, is a clean Cottonopolis favourite, one of Yellowfish tuna nigiri, loch duart salmon nigiri, asparagus or tomago maki roll and broccoli and peanut salad. The accompanying drink for this menu is a sencha makinohara – a premium Japanese green tea which is grassy, nutty and sweet, packed with antioxidants to start a Healthy New Year.

The Cleanse menu costs £10 and and includes tuna tartare, beef tataki, yellowfin tuna sashimi or loch duart salmon sashimi. The accompanying ‘cleanse’ tea is a warm and uplifiting cardamom and ginger mingle with oats, dates and cacao beans. Spicy notes from the tea will flood the senses to sooth and cleanse the body.

Finally, the Revive menu, which is priced at £14, is the meatiest of the bunch. This menu offers lamb nasu with black kingfish or a 4oz rib eye steak. The Tales of the Orient tea which comes with it is a refreshing, caffeine-free Rooibos, blended with lemongrass, mango and pink pepper. Hydrating and fresh to rejuvenate the senses.

Alisha McKenzie of Quinteassential spoke of the new partnership: “I was smitten with Cottonopolis from my very first visit – a beautiful venue in the heart of Manchester offering inspired cocktails and a modern take on Japanese dining. Their talented bartenders not only make the perfect brew but also incorporate our blends into wonderful tea-infused cocktails, inviting their customers to enjoy tea in a totally new way.

“Our premium tea blends are flavoursome, packed with antioxidants and have incredible health benefits… so are the perfect accompaniment for Cottonopolis’ January Detox.”