El Gato Negro off to a flying start

El Gato Negro has been crowned one of the city’s top three at the National Restaurant Awards

By Steven Pankhurst | 7 July 2016

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El Gato Negro has been crowned one of the city’s top three at the National Restaurant Awards

One of the city’s most anticipated 2016 restaurant launches, El Gato Negro has been crowned one of the top three Manchester restaurants next to Manchester House and The French.

It’s not just industry experts that have applauded El Gato Negro’s food and drink offer. Since opening in February of this year, El Gato Negro has enjoyed significant success. Figures released by the restaurant reveal a staggering 100,000 drinks and dishes have been lovingly prepared and served to satisfied customers.

The King Street restaurant continues to experience unprecedented demand with a nine week waiting list in operation for peak weekend bookings. Favourite dishes from the popular menu are Morcilla scotch eggs and Spanish classics, such as mini Catalan chorizo, with over 7,000 portions sold. Straight from the grill and with 8,274 enjoyed, the individual lamb skewers are also in high demand.

Manchester’s discerning drinkers know that good food works even better paired with a good drink and have been flocking to The Black Cat, El Gato Negro’s exclusive cocktail bar with retractable roof. Highly trained bartenders have created over 12,000 cocktails. Topping the city’s favourite tipple is the temptingly titled ‘The Pretty Little Poison with over 1,093 shaken and stirred.

Simon said of the restaurant’s success: “We’ve opened with a bang for sure. People can’t believe we’ve only been open five months because of where we are in the journey.

“When we are having really hard days and you’re on your 16th or 17th hour, sometimes I take a step back and think this is incredible and so heart-warming. As a restaurateur, you have to gain the trust. If a customer trusts you in your knowledge, production, presentation and the ambience you set – that’s why they come back. We are starting to see regular customers in a period of five months, which is amazing.”