Get 50%(ish) OFF your Spanish FOOD & WINE from La Bandera

With 30% OFF food and 20% OFF wine - you'll be in for a treat with La Bandera's take out service...

By Ben Brown | 3 November 2020

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Okay so you’ve got me. My maths is terrible. Getting 30% off your food and 20% off your wine doesn’t equate to 50% off your total bill – but it’s still a bloody good deal so I’m not completely sorry about it all.

Since lockdown back in March, our favourite independent Spanish restaurant – La Bandera – have been running their own collection and take out food and drink service and it’s been fantastic.

And so if you’re looking for some of the best tapas dishes in the city, and an unbeatable selection of Spanish and Canary Island wines, all to be eaten in the comfort of your very own home – there’s no need to look anywhere else.

First of all, they’re offering a lovely 30% OFF their A LA CARTE MENU when ordering for take out, which includes all appetisers, boards, tapas, paellas & desserts. So yes, you can get their Patatas Bravas for just £3.50, their spicy King Prawns (Gambas Volcan) for £6.30 and their famous Squid Ink Croquettes for only £4.20.

Similarly, they’re also offering 20% OFF take out WINES – so you can wash all of that food down with some of the best independent small-batch Spanish & Canary Island wines that money can buy.

Again, I know it’s not ‘officially’ 50% OFF but it’s just as good and the food and booze is more than good enough to make up for the remaining couple of quid that I just cruelly yanked away from you.


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