People of Manchester! Choose Your Pie!

Here at Manchester's Finest we want to reclaim the humble pie and so have teamed up with Pie & Ale to create a brand new 'Manchester Pie'

By Ben Brown | 25 September 2017

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There’s nothing more Northern than a big lovely pie. Not only do they usually contain some amazing slabs of meat and lashings of gravy, something which our Southern brothers and sisters don’t seem to appreciate (or put on their chips down the chippy), but they also manage to remind you of your nan serving you up a big home-made beauty as a kid, probably while sat in front of the fire watching Gladiators.

But when you actually begin to think about it, pies are not that unique or special to the North at all. Sure, you’d struggle to find a Rag Pudding anywhere south of Ashton, but you can manage to get pies all over the world which are equally as amazing as ours.

There’s the Cornish pasty, which was specifically invented for its transportability while driving down the M6, South American empanadas which are perfect for a day at the beach, and even the Americans have jumped on board with their sweet, sweet pies usually served with around 30 scoops of ice cream on the side.

Well, here are Manchester’s Finest we want to reclaim the humble pie and so have teamed up with Pie & Ale to create a brand new ‘Manchester Pie’ for everyone to enjoy on these upcoming cold, dark Autumn and Winter months.

We’ve come up with a shortlist of 3 pies, which we are going to leave for the good people of Manchester to vote on their favourite. Once the voting finishes, the winning pie will then become Pie & Ale’s brand new special – available to everyone.

So here is the list of our 3 finalists:

The Bee Pie
Honey-glazed (gammon or pulled pork) with wholegrain mustard, onions, garlic, spring onions and apples in a rich elderflower cider-infused gravy and finished within bee striped pastry.

The Mancunian Breakfast Pie
Locally sourced northern sausage, bacon, egg and Bury’s finest black pudding in a rich tomato sauce topped with two golden hash browns and baked beans instead of gravy.

The Mancunian Caviar & Potato (VG)
Mint infused mushy peas, deep fried potato chunks and garden peas encased in a vegan pastry and served with a rich gravy.


So there they are. The contenders for this coveted crown. Head to our Twitter page or vote below.

On top of this, for the chance to win a meal for 2 at Pie & Ale (so you can try the new, winning pie), all you need to do is RETWEET our Twitter Poll once you’ve made your choice to be in with a chance to win this great prize.

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