Red Chilli

70 Portland St, Manchester, M1 4GU 0161 236 2888

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 15 February 2011

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Where: 70 Portland St, Manchester, M1 4GU – 0161 236 2888   map

When: Not sure?!


What: ZhongGuo (China) in Chinese means the central kingdom. It reflects how the ancient Chinese related themselves to the world. With written history dating back to 2591 BC and a total land area of 9.6 million square kilometres, China definitely has a lot to offer. Apart from the four great inventions, paper making, typography, gunpowder and the compass, another proud heritage of China is its cuisine.

Red Chilli is a restaurant with a mission – to enchance your experience in Chinese food, looking after your pocket, stomach and soul. They specialise in the finest Beijing and Sichuan dishes. All their chefs are well trained with experience gained from various Chinese embassies and five star hotels. The menu is compiled with an appreciation of customers various experiences and adventurous spirit in Chinese food and the wine list, as said by the gourmet writer Ray King of the Manchester Evening News, is ‘exemplary’.

The decor is contemporary with the depth of Chinese culture. Armed with the well compiled menu, an ‘exemplary’ wine list and norm breaking decor, Red Chilli is set in a class of its own.

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