Roast of the Week: The Bay Horse Tavern's Christmas Dinner

The supreme roast dinner is and always will be Christmas Dinner.

By Alex Watson | 20 December 2019

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Quite quickly we are running out of things to say when talking about Christmas Dinners. The beauty of this dinner is that it remains a constant, it remains the same throughout the world winds of each year – you know no matter how shit it gets, your Christmas Dinner on December 25th will always be the same.

That’s what makes them extra, extra special.

And it gives us a great honour to announce that this week’s Roast of the Week, is none other than The Bay Horse Tavern’s very own Christmas Dinner.

It’s complete with all the trimmings you long for in March and all the gravy you wish you could eat in the heat of summer.

Piled high with thick slices of roast turkey, roasted parsnips, carrots, roast potatoes, sprouty sprouts and a massive Yorkshire pudding on top with a couple of pigs in blankets hidden inside.

You can tell just how delicious this gravy is as well by that bloody shimmer, it’s gold baby, solid gold. And you need to load that puppy up.

And if those little piggies tucked away in your Yorkshire pud weren’t enough, you can even order a load as a side – the good folk at Bay Horse know exactly what the people want, and they’re not afraid to give it ya.

OH – and what’s more it’s available EVERY DAY. 


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