Tampopo Reveal Plans for Corn Exchange Restaurant

Tampopo, Manchester’s original, authentic, Pan Asian restaurant has today revealed the plans for their reinvented Corn Exchange restaurant.

By Steven Pankhurst | 16 July 2015

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Tampopo, Manchester’s original, authentic, Pan Asian restaurant has today revealed the plans for their reinvented Corn Exchange restaurant.



As the first and only Manchester-based restaurant to make their home at Corn Exchange, back in 2008, Tampopo represent the longest-standing Manchester brand at the newly developed, dining and drinking destination.

The Corn Exchange restaurant re-launch marks an exciting new chapter for Tampopo, as it will reveal not only a hugely developed restaurant space and offer, but also a fresh new incarnation of the Tampopo brand and style… Tampopo is to be reborn.

The Corn Exchange restaurant will be a brighter, more colourful and vibrant expression of Pan Asian food culture, with a design that reflects the light-hearted, eclectic nature of dining in the areas from which Tampopo draws it’s inspiration.

This will be a restaurant bursting with life and experience, bringing the happy, enriching nature of South East Asian dining to Manchester.

There’ll also be a bigger emphasis on the natural world with bamboo, greenery and exotic flowers in abundance. This will be contrasted with the commercial imagery and bright lights that abound in the cafes of South East Asia.

Expect bespoke, colourful tiling and lanterns, elegant greenery and outdoor dining spaces, vintage Asian artwork and lightbox logo graphics… every detail has been carefully planned and sourced to reflect the team’s vision, a vision based on visiting this part of the world for decades.

The main restaurant will seat 105 including a stand-alone bar area, and will feature Tampopo’s very first, private dining space, plus bigger booths and seating areas to accommodate larger parties.

Some elements of Tampopo’s traditional, communal, bench style dining will remain. However, there’ll be plenty of intimate seating, alcoves and banquette spaces to dine too, making it perfect for special occasions, private parties, meetings and tastings, as well as the usual relaxed, social grazing and quick bites.

The menu will remain true to Tampopo’s spirit – that of authentic, excellent food from the places they love, at great prices. All the classic dishes will remain – from the founder’s favourite Nasi Goreng to the more exotic Kway Teow (Malaysian Ho Fun Noodles) and Thai Taramind Duck.  Customers can also look forward to an evolution of the social, small plates menu, trialed at Tam Pop Up – the restaurant’s ‘baby Tampopo’ situated on Exchange Square whilst the Corn Exchange has been closed for the redevelopments.

David Fox, Co-Founder of Tampopo, commented:
“After 18 years, this is only the second evolution of the Tampopo brand. A lot has changed in South East Asia in that time. We wanted to capture the current, cool, but fun, café style dining that is prevalent in many areas from where we draw our inspiration. This has Western and Colonial influences, but is a style very much ‘owned’ by the South East Asian culture. Our food will be, as ever, the best cuisine of it’s kind in Manchester, and our new facilities, such as private dining, mean there’ll be even more scope for Tampopo good times – bring on the next 18 years!”

For those who prefer the traditional Tampopo style, the Albert Square restaurant will remain unchanged.

Tampopo Corn Exchange will open at the end of September 2015.