The Loaded Kinder Bueno Stuffed Waffles at Be Precious

On Friday 25th March, it’s time to celebrate the worldwide fluffy phenomenon, the waffle!

By Emma Davidson | 20 March 2022

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Be Precious recently opened its doors in Timperley Village, providing locals with authentic Japanese food, bubble waffles and bubble teas.

The restaurant is inspired by the five elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth and bases its menu and whole concept around these, with the logo also taking inspiration from the hexagram (out of 64) from I-Ching, Book of Change. In this auspicious hexagram of connection, heaven and earth enjoy communion – their energy connects, much like the vibe in Be Precious.

For International Waffle Day on Friday 25th March, Be Precious have announced a new take on their popular Bubble Waffles. Their Waffle Stick specials will come with brand-new flavours and are available from Friday 25th March until Friday 1st April

The first Waffle Stick flavour combination is everyone’s favourite, the Kinder Bueno and M&M Waffle Stick. This consists of a waffle stuffed with Kinder Bueno, homemade fresh and natural cream, condensed milk and M&Ms. 

You can also choose from the Creme Egg Oreo O’s Cereal Waffle Stick, which is stuffed with a Cadbury Creme Egg and comes with homemade fresh and natural cream, chocolate sauce and Oreo O’s cereal or the Caramel Waffle Stick, filled with silky salted caramel, fresh cream, caramel sauce and topped with Coco Pops. 

The Waffle Sticks will cost £6.80 and, whilst you’re there, make sure you check out the rest of Be Precious’ exciting menu. They’ve got Japanese Rice Boxes filled with fresh vegetables and meat, as well as Gyozas, which were a huge hit with us when we tried them.

You can also grab Be Precious’ food on JustEat if you’re feeling lazy or extremely hungover and can’t see yourself walking further than the toilet today. The restaurant is open Monday – Wednesday 11.30pm – 5pm and Thursday – Saturday 11.30am – 6pm, with the restaurant closed on a Sunday.


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