The Refuge Introduction: Pre-Theatre Menu

The Refuge Introduction, a new pre-theatre menu includes a carafe of wine and chefs incredible selection of six Voltini’s

By Lee Isherwood | 28 September 2017

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After a cool and casual 12 months operating under the radar as everybody’s favourite pre-theatre venue, the Refuge have decided to make it a semi-official offering with their new “The Refuge Introduction” menu.

I was so engaged in the food I forgot to photograph it, but you can see from the above it was good.

The Refuge Introduction designed for 2 people includes a carafe of wine and a chefs selection of six Voltini’s, a perfectly cultured start to an evening enjoying a performance across the road at the Palace Theatre or down the street at HomeMcr, as we did later that evening to see the fantastic People, Places and Things.

As for our 6 chefs Voltini’s we started on Fire-roasted Padrón peppers with Maldon salt a firm Refuge favourite alongside a selection of breads and oils and of course of Carafe of red. They were followed by a personal favourite of mine the Salt cod croquettes and Heritage tomato and red onion. It’s fairly obvious to see why Refuge has become a hit with theatre goers despite not offering a “pre-theatre” menu as such, small dishes make perfect sense before a restrictive, intensive and sometimes emotional 2 hour sit down.

Next 2 dishes out and it’s Lamb shawarma with harissa and yoghurt, this has to be the most well known of Refuge’s dishes and for very good reason, sharing this between 2 could cause some off stage drama. Chargrilled cauliflower, carraway and pomegranate accompany the Lamb perfectly.

The Refuge slogan states “Come as you are” and in this respect you can take is as Theatre tickets or not, head down and check out the Refuge Introduction (or pre-theatre menu as it’s secretly known).

The Refuge Introduction
Monday to Friday, 12.00-18.45.
£45pp for 2 people