Turtle Bay launches New Menu

Crispy Okra, Fresh Trini Watermelon Chow, and Bajan Beef Cheeks are all on the brand new menu at Turtle Bay Manchester!

By Steven Pankhurst | 2 May 2017

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Crispy Okra, Fresh Trini Watermelon Chow, and Bajan Beef Cheeks are all on the brand new menu at Turtle Bay Manchester!

  • Turtle Bay Caribbean restaurant and bar launch brand new menu
  • 15 new dishes
  • 7 new drinks
  • Lighter, fresher, gluten free and veggie/vegan options sit alongside authentic, Caribbean classics and hearty choices.

Turtle Bay Manchester is launching a brand new menu  – the first big menu enhancement it has undertaken since the restaurant came to Manchester back in 2014.

The new menu has been inspired by feedback from guests, and devotion to the Caribbean culture that Turtle Bay is all about.  It’s a vibrant celebration of Turtle Bay’s signature flavours, all with fresh new twists, more accessible dietary options and a much bigger choice of light, healthy, high value lunchtime dishes.

Turtle Bay’s famous Jerk Chicken, Curried Goat and other traditional favourites are all staying put of course, plus a new burger menu has been added. This features a Jammin’ Lamb Burger alongside four others including the brand new Two Way Chicken Burger, a new Mushroom and Goats Cheese Burger, as well as the favourite Jerk ‘n’ Pulled Pork Bun.

Bajan Beef Cheeks make a new appearance as part of the updated One Pots menu and Slow Braised Beef Rib is a brand-new dish featuring the deliciously meaty and magnificent jerk ‘Jacobs Ladder” shortrib of beef.

There’s a wider range of stunning new vegan and vegetarian dishes too.

The Spiced Chickpea Ital Wrap, Vital Veggie Beach Platter and the Spinach, Aubergine & Sweet Potato Curry are all new and all veggie/vegan friendly.

Okra Ladies’ Fingers are a sizzling new side order from the Caribbean – totally moreish, vegan friendly, and you won’t find them on the menu anywhere else in Manchester!

The new Beach Salad range provides a lighter, fresher, superfood option for diners who are after quick, healthy bites.  Perfect for summer!

These come as three bases and guests can add a choice of toppings to create their own beautifully refreshing and tasty salad – for example, avocado, butternut squash and mango salad can be served alone or topped with pit grilled garlic and chilli king prawns, chicken, goats cheese or even squid!

The “Chow” menu represents another way to liven up and refresh traditional Turtle Bay choices – it’s a fresh fruit salad from Trinidad made from chopped watermelon or pineapple marinated in herbs such as coriander.

All perfect for the bluer skies and brighter nights ahead!

There’s a bigger emphasis on sharing too. Laid back “limin’” is what the Caribbean is all about, and there’s no better way to recreate this than by grazing on Turtle Bay’s traditional cutters accompanied by a rum cocktail or two. The latest platters and cutters are inspired by the street vendor food served in the West Indies and come on canteen style trays, ready to dig into with friends.

As well as more veggie and vegan options there’s also a greater gluten free choice plus new variations on the jerk glaze for those who prefer there spice a little more subtle!

It’s not just the food menu that’s had an overhaul.  Guests will be glad to hear that Turtle Bay have livened up the whole Caribbean cocktail list too.

A couple of old favourites have made a return due to popular demand (Goombay Smash and Roots Culture) and there’s some new arrivals on the menu which have been given a Turtle Bay twist (Rum Negroni, and Rum Margarita).

Turtle Bay now have their own label Caribbean Craft Lager to go with the Turtle Bay Pale Ale and Turtle Bay Cider, plus a new IPA “Islands Records Session IPA”.

They also continue to be the venue of choice for those choosing not to have a tipple with their fabulous range of Caribbean Softs increased. New mocktails include Elderflower Cooler and Pineappleade!

Finally, guests can now book a ‘Cocktail table’ at Turtle Bay and enjoy drinks and snacks anywhere in the restaurant and bar.

This new phase for the restaurant means that there’s fresh new reasons to get a Caribbean fix – whether it’s limin’, dining or dancing, Turtle Bay really is Manchester’s slice of Caribbean paradise!

Turtle Bay’s brand new menu is available from 25th April.

Turtle Bay Manchester NQ, 46-50 Oldham Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1LE
Turtle Bay Manchester, 33-35 Oxford St, Manchester, M1 4BH