Review: Can Harvey Nichols set themselves out from the crowd with their new Brunch Menu?

The Second Floor Brasserie have an extensive menu but does it offer anything different?

By Manchester's Finest | 7 May 2019

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I think there is no better treat than a lovely breakfast (or brunch). There is nothing quite like some poached eggs to set you up for the entire day and put a spring in your step.

Now, I am not going to lie to you, there are absolutely loads of places you can get breakfast in the centre of Manchester, but there’s now somewhere else to consider when it comes to breaking your fast.

The Harvey Nichols Second Floor Brasserie is home to a stunning new brunch menu which is readily available all week for you to get stuck into.

Firstly, the Avocado on Toasted Sourdough (£8) is a work of art. This isn’t just your bog-standard mashed vegetable on toast, this hugely generous helping comes served on a hefty slice of doorstop toast and topped with sautéed spinach, grilled tomatoes and two perfectly poached eggs.

If ‘things on toast’ is your vibe – then Harvey Nichols have managed to knock it out of the park once again. Smashed avo is a bit of a given on any brunch/breakfast menu these days – but I have to say the one at Harvey Nichols is leaps and bounds above many I’ve tried elsewhere in the city.

Next up was the classic Full English (£12) and I have to say the chefs have managed to bring their general modern-British finesse to even the classics on the menu. This magnificent plate  is hugely impressive, coming piled high with some of the most delicious meat in the form of the traditional swirl of a HUGE Cumberland sausage, some crispy smoked bacon and some fantastic homemade black pudding.

I have to say, it is one of the most stylish approaches to a Full English I have ever come across. It manages to tick all the boxes whilst still retaining the certain level of elegance that you’d expect from a meal at Harvey Nichols.

I also believe vegetarians are equally well looked after, with veggie sausages and soya bacon style rashers replacing the meat.

If breakfast muffins are more your bag, Harvey Nichols has plenty to choose from. Keeping things classic, there’s the choice of Eggs Royale, Benedict and Florentine (all £7) all of which come basted in a stunning homemade butter hollandaise sauce.

If you’re looking for something a little different, the menu also features a wonderful Smoked Haddock Muffin with a stunning Curry Hollandaise (£7) and a 24-hour Smoked Beef Brisket Muffin (£8) and Sriracha and fried duck eggs offering something truly indulgent.

Of course, if you are counting calories or just want something a little more fresh, there are a few nourishing bowls to choose from too.

The Clean Start Morning Bowl (£6) takes strained Greek yoghurt, roasted grains, roasted pecans and brown rice syrup to create a dish that will certainly put a spring into your step in the morning.

The Banana and Peanut Breakfast Bowl (£7) is a tad naughtier with homemade nut clusters, marshmallows, M&M’s vanilla milk and caramel. And yes, that really is as good as it sounds.

There’s nothing better than enjoying some of these dishes alongside Harvey Nichols’ excellent Smoked Bloody Mary (£9) – certainly one of the best in the city. The addition of the liquid smoke and chipotle give this bad boy an extra kick that is just the ticket alongside all of those eggs.

So what is the answer to the question posed in the title of this article? Well, the Brunch dishes at Harvey Nichols Second Floor Brasserie are certainly impressive, varied and cooked with a high level of skill and panache.

It’s certainly difficult to make yourself heard in such a crowded brunch offering in the city, but Harvey Nichols have certainly managed to create a range of classic dishes that also offer something a little different – be it a stunning Cumberland sausage, 24 hour smoked brisket or just one of the damn tastiest Bloody Mary’s in town.


Brunch at Harvey Nichols


Venue: Harvey Nichols Second Floor Brasserie 
Time: Monday to Saturday : 10am – 1 pm, Sunday: 11am – 5pm.

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