Northern Soul: Grilled Cheese

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 6 June 2016

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Northern Sould opened a few weeks ago now, we’ve been once or twice maybe three times or could be more than four but who’s counting, the point is that the humble grilled cheese sandwich is no longer quite so humble.

“Manchester’s premier gourmet #grilledcheese pop up restaurant Mon-Wed 11-6 Thurs-Sat 11-8 Sun 11-4 #keepthefaith”

There’s not much point me talking too indepth about the cuisine, it’s not really that type of set-up, in fact it’s pretty simple – have bread, have cheese, will grill. On our fifth or sixth visit and for purely journalistic reasons we ordered one of everything. The pictures below should tell you all you need to know, failing that just head over there and order one.

Northern-Soul-Cheese-2Above: HOT CHORIZO: Chorizo, Pepperoni & Jalepeno
Below: MAC ATTACK: Ther Ultimate Mac&Cheese Grilled Sandwich
Northern-Soul-Cheese-10Above: THE FRANK – Pork Frankfurter & Sauted Onion

The set-up here may be simple and the concept even more so, but sometimes simple is best and if it’s comfort food you want then frankly lunch doesn’t get much better than this.

The team at Northern Soul are a great laugh, it’s all about living the dream and these guys are doing it one grilled cheese at a time.