The Alternative Jerusalem Chicken Roast Dinner, Every Sunday at Volta

There’s a new standout dish on Volta’s Sunday dinner menu…

By Emma Davidson | 7 April 2022

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Enjoying a Sunday roast in the depths of Didsbury is a favourite pastime of many a Mancunion. 

Finishing off a stroll around the Makers Market or one of Didsbury’s local parks with a plate full of crispy, rosemary-infused roasties and a big slab of beef seems to set you right up for an early Monday start.

Volta on Burton Road is a big contender for one of the best alternative roasts in Didsbury, as the neighbourhood eatery is graced with a cosy terrace and a well-stocked bar – alongside its menu full of great quality food inspired by international travel. 

It offers something a little different to your regular Sunday roast, and this is reflected in the brand-new Jerusalem Chicken dish that has now made Volta’s Sunday menu.

The new dish consists of a Jerusalem spiced half roast chicken served with fresh herbs, pomegranate and house pickles. The chicken is marinated in a Jerusalem spice blend containing coriander, cumin, turmeric, cardamom and pepper, which is then mixed with tahini and preserved lemon to marinade overnight. 

You can order the dish alongside crispy fried potatoes and greens for an exotic twist on a classic Sunday roast, or enjoy as a special sharing platter alongside their à la carte small plates menu by spicing it up with flatbreads, dips and cheeses.

The dish can take up to 45 minutes from ordering to prepare, so the best way to get your hands on one is to reserve a table and mention that you’d like one in the booking notes!

Also on offer every Sunday at Volta is the small plates menu that transcends continents and flavours. Volta offers everything from Halloumi with grilled plum, Aleppo pepper and salsa verde, to Flatbreads, Whipped Salt Cod and Lamb Shawarma. A different, but very welcome change to a traditional Sunday roast. Especially on a Sunday in Spring while also clutching a nice cold glass of beer!

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