The Cheese & Wine Night that's Completely Vegan!

GRUB are smashing it with the events this month, and this is another one you definitely won't want to miss if you're taking part in Veganuary!

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 18 January 2022

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If you’ve ever dabbled in vegan cheese, then you’ll know it’s a bit of a strange one. Over the years I’ve tried some with the consistency of wallpaper paste and others that resemble squares of plastic cheese from toddlers’ portable kitchens. BUT there are some brands that are smashing it and creating extremely convincing dairy-free blocks of goodness. 

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of vegan cheese, or If you’re a bit of a connoisseur already, GRUB is hosting its inaugural veganuary ‘cheez’ and wine night on Thursday 27th January.

If you’re wondering what to expect, then pull up and chair! Each group will be provided with a sharing board of crackers, fruit, chutneys, and the all-important CHEEZ. There’ll be handmade artisanal vegan cheese from Herbie’s Homemade who make simple food using whole food ingredients, minimal processing and sustainable packaging. A wine will then be paired with each cheese from Reserve Wines.

And what’s a cheese board without bread?! Completing the line up will be bread from Companio Bakery! This artisan bakery produces fresh sourdough breads, speciality breads, pastries, venoisserie and savouries, all handmade on the premises daily. 

As well as their GRUB appearance, they also sell directly from their bakery on Radium Street, Ancoats and are available at various artisanal outlets in Manchester Such as The Butchers Quarter and Chorlton Cheesemongers.

Herbie’s Homemade and Reserve Wines will be guiding you through the pairings and telling you a little more about the cheese and wine. Grub also encourage you to come down early and enjoy their amazing street food vendors and locally sourced and fully vegan bar.

Tables reservations start from 7pm and the tasting starts at 7:30pm.

To secure your spot, purchase your tickets below and GRUB will reserve a table for the appropriate size of your group!


GRUB’s Vegan Cheese & Wine Night

Date:Thursday 27th January
Time: 7pm
Cost: £25 per person
Venue: GRUB, Red Bank

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