The Best Tiki Happy Hour where you can get Cocktails for £1!

That's right - a proper cocktail that's proper strong for 100 British pence...

By Ben Brown | 20 October 2020

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Nothing Tiki’er than cocktails for a quid! // @theliarsclubmcr

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that getting a cocktail for £1 is a bloody good deal. It’s pretty obvious that it is. If you don’t think so then you’re either an out-of-touch MP who thinks a pint of milk costs 4p or an idiot – although both are pretty much one of the same.

Yeah – The Liars Club have a new HAPPY HOUR and you can get a cocktail for £1. ONE POUND. Yes!!!

The obligatory Liars ‘Blue One’ // COBALT BAY with Mount Gay rum, Cocchi Americano, lemon, guava and grapefruit

Basically, they’re not promoting irresponsible drinking either because to get your cocktail for a pound you need to purchase another cocktail off their menu (excluding Zombies).

The new Happy Hour is available from 3-7pm, Friday & Sunday at Liars, and don’t forget that you can also order yourself a couple of slices from Crazy Pedro’s upstairs to enjoy downstairs in their Tiki wonderland.

Beautiful cocktails for the same price as a Sainsbury’s trolley

Oh yeah, and they’ve got a brand new cocktail menu to enjoy too – which you can read all about right here:

Manchester’s Best Tiki Bar is BACK with a NEW COCKTAIL Menu!


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