The Elvis Breakfast, Baked Eggs & Bennies: New Brunch Dishes at The Bay Horse Tavern

There's a raft of new offerings over at The Bay Horse - perfect for a weekend of bottomless fun!

By Manchester's Finest | 13 October 2020

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One of the greatest things in the world is eating a Full English Breakfast in the afternoon. It seems so wrong, yet is so right that it’s something everybody should do at least once every month at least. It’s even better if you’re hungover and you’ve got a pint on the table too.

The easiest place to partake in this exciting ritual is The Bay Horse Tavern on Thomas Street, primarily because their Full English is excellent, but also because they serve their brekkie dishes right up til 3pm!

This week has seen them introduce a few new dishes to their already impressive menu, and there are some super special things on there. There’s their ‘Elvis Breakfast‘, Moroccan Baked Eggs and the brunch classics – Eggs Benedict, Royale and Florentine.

You really can’t go wrong with a classic Eggs Benedict (£8.20), and The Bay Horse use their legendary Gammon on theirs in place of the usual slices of ham – taking it to a whole new level altogether. We also tucked into the Eggs Royale with super fresh salmon, hollandaise, capers and topped with a perfectly runny poached egg.

The Moroccan Eggs (£7.70) are baked with spicy tomatoes, much like a Shakshuka, and then topped with feta cheese and sesame seeds. The dish is accompanied by a couple of slices of toast which are just begging to be dipped into it all and devoured.

Finally, and probably the most impressive dish in these new additions is the ‘Elvis Breakfast’ (£7.20) – a huge croissant that’s filled with deep-fried banana, bacon, peanut butter and maple syrup. It was a favourite of The King’s when he was alive and it makes for a proper naughty treat now.

All of these new dishes are available until 3pm every day, as well as becoming part of The Bay Horse’s brilliant Bottomless Brunch on the weekends. Get yourself booked in ASAP and get involved…

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